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What's Sprappening?
Today's Audio Update: Sept 22, 2014
Runtime 18 minutes
Runtime Minute Topic Description
1 Why I live in Excel Data visualization is addictive and powerful
2 Super Passionate Employee Creative accounting is an oxymoron
3 Ray Kurzweil of Business A god for us athiesists
3.5 Curve of Life Extension 20 for life, 30 for life? What's your number
4 Singularity Talk Watson with an exoskeleton
5 Mechanics of the Brain Trillions and Trillions of excel files…
6 Everyone laughs at me But I don't limit my ideas to the technology that exists today
7 Genome Sprapp Complaints A-C-T-G should be simple… how many proteins could there possibly be?
8 Proof of Concept Ebola is only 19k bases, I got dat
9 Anti^Protein^Exomes Coding antidotes to viruses should be mathematical
10 Balls of Spikes Love the virus and cell animation
11.5 Legos on Legos building blocks of the biological system, the singularity will understand
12 Future Diagnosis Sneeze of this Siri
13 3 Printing Organs Redonkulous Epson Liver 3000
13.75 Everyone thinks I’m nuts you've got a point
14 Beautiful Pivot Talbes Software has this way of being great ideas
15 Pattern Seeking Animals Robots will teach and learn
15.5 21st Century Communcation Close to people even when you're far away
16.5 Data Confidence Controlling your data is power, excel is hammer saw drill paint and gloss
17.25 Time isn't infinite yet not for us anyway
17.5 Human Genome can't wait Focus is a bitch
18 Daily 24 hours or less